Thursday, February 14, 2008


Welcome to our new website! After a lot of hard work and planning we have decided to provide you with a website that will be both informative and interactive. Please look around and check it out, you may just learn something new about us and/or chiropractic.

On our new blog feature, you will find educational pieces on: chiropractic, disease, health, wellness, nutrition, and current specials and promotions. The blog offers a unique email feature which allows you to email pieces to yourself or family and friends for sharing and future reference. Just click on the envelope with an arrow on the bottom right of each post. You will also find links to other informative and helpful articles and pages on the web to the right of the posts under the "Other health news and links".

Be sure to share our site with your family and friends. Sharing the gift of Chiropractic is giving longevity to others whom you love.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon at the office.

Dr. Herb Wood and Dr. Brian Helland